i’m just sayin!

i know its been debated on [maybe here, maybe somewhere else] but as much as i LOOOVEE twilight as a whole, there are some parts of it (book+movie) that absolutely work my nerves.

for instance, the word CHAGRINED.  did stephanie meyer’s thesaurus go into overdrive for that one?   and did she really have to use that word 54324987357 times???  by the 28th time i read it, i had to look it up — only to realize that it means disappointed/humlilated.  if this book is supposed to be aimed at tweens, why use words like that.. i mean just WHY.

and the stuttering – k.stew needs to take lessons on anunciating cuz i swear to you, after we had our Twilight DVD release party, we rewinded her stu-stu-stuttering parts a gazillion and five times JUST TO LAUGH AT HER.  

aaaand i have to agree with DooWa when she said that she didnt like how white Carlisle was in the movie.   he was like.. not even just pale but powder status?  and the hair?  THE HAIR.   why ruin such a beautiful face with such disgusting hair…. just WHYYYYYYYYYY.

even though these things are hella petty, they still irk… but they dont over shadow my love for all things twilight tho… i’m just sayin.


20 responses to “i’m just sayin!

  1. AMEN on the CHAGRINED. It is also probably one of the ugliest words I’ve come across.

  2. ohhhhhhh Chagrined. i had nooooo fucking clue what that meant until i finished the series and then looked it up…and i was chagrined. (haha) (and i have to find a way to change this to T.I. Jane)


  4. CHAGRINED, AAHHH!!! I thought I was all alone! It’s so nice to know that others feel the same about freakin chagrined!

  5. i am so glad i am not the only one…. lol.

  6. sooo, I actually love that word and use it all the time-but I was totally unaware that I did-until I read this…now I’m going to be all self-conscious about it-hahahaha!

    The word I hated that she repeated so much was “smoldered.” Really, his are still smoldering, really? Well, burn out already!

  7. misslawncullen

    hahaha… the whole time i was reading i was like, “oohhhh kaaayyy enough the chagrined already!”

  8. not gonna lie, I had to not only look up the word “chagrin”, but I had an audio clip play so I knew I was pronouncing it right… and it was definitely abused, lol. and I didn’t like movie-Bella’s stuttering either. She’s shy, not slow.

  9. You guys also forgot the word CHUCKLE(D). It was alright the first 2 times. After that it’s just like “WTF. Edward CHUCKLING is NOT Sexy!” And don’t even get me started on how ridiculous THE ENTIRE TWILIGHT SAGA sounds in Audiobook form (I listen while I work)…BUT I still ❤ Twilight.

    Kristen Stewart stutters in ALL her movies. Watch Adventureland. It's just like watching Bella except she says "shit" and "fuck."

  10. CHAGRINED?! i dont even know how to say it UGH! … i completly agree with the sturrering thing & the HOSPITAL SCENE ohhhhhhh god!

  11. Ugh did you catch the word ‘Snarled’? she used it every time Bella was hungry. Maybe I just caught it because I listen to the audiobooks everyday (yes…i said everyday- don’t ask). Soooo sick of hearing that woord, ‘snarled’, ok i get it ur reaallly reaalllllly hungry!

  12. You’re totally right about snarled-and she used it for her hair too! I’m like really, how freakin tangled is this girl’s hair getting! It has snarls in it?! Brush it before bed sister!

    Oh-and the chuckling killed me too! No one “chuckles” that often! And, you’re not-not sexy to being chuckling all the time!

    Chagrine pronunciation: Shuh-Grinn
    (I was an English Major-big nerd for that stuff)

  13. Sunshinekim77

    I totally agree that the Hospital scene SUCKED!!!!! She sounded like she was begging and desperate! I mean i get it you love him and you want to be with him but come on have some pride.

  14. I happen to like the word chagrined. Anywho, i have to agree, the part in the hospital bed gets me every time! But i blame that on Rob ’cause he was supposed to cut her off, but yeah, real obnox! The 2nd time i went to c it in the theater (yeah, coz i’m cool like that) someone yelled out “Oh Come OOOOOOON” half way into her rambling and every one laughed cause it’s so tru.

  15. OMG….thank you. I’ve never heard a normal person use that word (chagrined) but can i say that the word is haunting me now.
    ever since I thought that about it…seems like every book I read, whether it be fiction or non…has that dumbass word in it…EVERYWHERE…..ugh.

  16. i say we all walk around saying chagrined every time we are embarassed. but…how would you say embarassing? that is so chargining? LOL

  17. too much smoldering… agreed! and if i had a dollar for every time edward’s smile “didn’t reach his eyes”….. ha.

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