WTFkn welcome our new intern!

first of all, can i just say how AMAZING our readers are?  we got sooo many applicants for the intern position it was SOOO HARD to pick just one.  sooo hard!  SERIOUSLY!!!!    u guys are fuckin awesome…. we really appreciate all the love you have for us, and the willingness to help out in any way possible!    the pics that u guys sent in will be on a future post cuz they were just so freakin creative.   we love you guys!

ok, and without further adeau…. our new intern….Jane! (FOLLOW her @jane_deere)

Hello fellow Twi-Hards!  My name is Jane.  I’m 23 year old from Chicagoland.  I’m going to be student teaching this Fall in the high schools as a Spanish teacher (so exciting!)  But enough about that, let me tell you about my Twilight history.  I actually started reading the Twilight books not all that long ago, but enough to read the beautiful saga 2 times, Eclipse 3 times, and Breaking Dawn 2 and a half times. When I first started reading Twilight I was automatically in love. I have seen the movie more times than I have counted and have done my fair share of stalking all of your blogs. 😀 I am completely and irrevocably in love with all things Twi and I am very please to be able to join the others here at What the Forks?!  I look forward to getting to know all of you as well as inform you of some of the new cool stuff that will be going on around the What the Forks?! neighborhood!  Peace, Love, and Twilight! -Jane


9 responses to “WTFkn welcome our new intern!

  1. yayyyy welcome!!!

  2. Welcome aboard Jane!

  3. hey jjjjjjjaaaaaaannnnnnneeeeee

  4. Thanks guys!! I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!

  5. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! she sounds like she’s gonna be greattttt! =D

  6. oh snap! sigO reprezent. so tight 🙂

  7. PS – i can totally see your laptop in the reflection of your shower – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

  8. hahahaha yoshi! I remember that night…you were dying your hair and i was taking my hot rollers out! HAHA

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