DooWa Says “Vote for Jess!”

Hey everyone, now that yall had some time to either take a cold shower, get laid, or show their “rabbit” who’s boss since that last post, I just wanted to personally remind you to vote for my girl Jess, and most importantly thank you for all the support! I’m sure you guys are all sick of the constant reminders but you should already know that round here we got each others backs like chriprac! (Besides Jess is totally wearing a shirt with my big-ass face on it if she wins HUH JESS? lmao)

Before you watch the video though, lemme just point out a few things. 1) I was aware of the “backwardness” BEFORE I started recording2) I’m chewing gum that’s why my mouth is half open like a dumb ass most of the time and 3) Due to YouTUbe copywright issues I had to audioswap my original song for … Tone Loc. Yes, I said Tone Loc. FML.


8 responses to “DooWa Says “Vote for Jess!”

  1. well, you still look smokin’ hot! who care’s if the damn cards are backwards? hahaha


  3. My morning smile. Thanks ladies!

  4. misslawncullen

    HAHAHAHA… awww abi, you’re so cute!!!

  5. Tone Loc. THATS THE BEST. hahahahahah


    Because of THIS right here… i’m voting for your girl, Jess!!!

  7. ur like a MIME. haha….i wish i was there while u were making it. hahahah!

    i already voted like…5 gazillion times. hope she wins! GOOD LUCK JESS!

  8. lol i know, like a mute vanna brown

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