Sparkle like Edward!?!

I love Twilight…I really really do.

But sometimes…I just can’t deal with the things they produce.
$9.99 at Hot Topic


6 responses to “Sparkle like Edward!?!

  1. i almost totally bought that during christmas as stocking stuffers … until i saw the price. lol.

  2. ohhhhh boyyyy! i want the backpack they have for sale

  3. Sooooo….. What? Its glitter in a bottle? Wait its called Cullen Body?! Lmao.

  4. i wonder if it smells funny

  5. The whole Sparkle like Edward thing is just weird. It’s targeted at girls…but with a guy on it…because we like that guy…a lot. But do I really want to use a beauty product to look like the guy I think is hot? It just blows my mind.

  6. soooo, my friend went to school with a girl named Sparkle Pitts, and i seriously cannot stop thinking about it every time i read this post.

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