Facinelli’s Twitter Battle

The WHY? WHAT? WHERE? WHO? questions were answered by the Fac and Rob DeFranco (one of his BFF’s who made the Fac’s iphone skin and app) with an exclusive interview byReelzChannel‘s Naibi.

Vodpod videos no longer available. via ReelzChannel

Have you seen the video of Rob dancing??? HILAR! Although, I must say, Rob’s got quite the booood (heeeeeeey now!). Check it out below:

But FIRST – how cute is the FAC…. drooooool:

and now….


7 responses to “Facinelli’s Twitter Battle

  1. I was there and have some pics if you guys are interested!!

  2. YESSSSSSS yoshi [at] wtforks [dot] com

  3. I’ll get them to you in the next couple of days.. maybe tonight, but I can’t promise anything;)!

  4. Not only does he look better than I do in a bikini… he’s a better dancer too. Fuck me. LOL!

  5. omg HILARIOUS But W O A H ! check out the girl looking like a straight up orange! OMG ! Tan much?!

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