So as mentioned on my blog I’m on the search for a new cover/skin for my Blackberry. I decided to see if there were any Twilight related options for my phone….and wow! I so pleasantly surprised!!


Don’t worry Rach, they’ve got iPhone ones too!!!


I know what I’m doing after work….

Would you ladies cover your phone in Twilight?


6 responses to “Twi-Berry

  1. i def bought a wolf case for my iphone when i was upstate visiting and experienced an unexpected and dramatic change to Team Jacob, ha

  2. i want a good bberry THEME tho – not the corny ass ones that i found so far lol

  3. I soooo would the sad thing is i just got rid of my blackberry curve and got the propel!!! ughhh i wish i just bought a new blackberry


  4. I would totally buy one for my phone!! šŸ™‚ Where can i find one and buy it?? =)
    I love these!!!!

  5. I would absolutely buy one and am crazy jealous that I don’t have one already!

  6. Ninja Fanpire

    If I had an iPhone, I might….Not sure. I have a different first addiction, but I doubt it has skins as it isn’t very popular. But if I was going to get one it would be the full cast one.

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