Dark Glamour

Now that Twilight has reached full on NKOTB and dare I say it, borderline Beatles status, it only makes sense that the rest of the world would take advantage of the “trend” and capitalize on that bitch. AS IF! (I really need to stop trying to bring that back.) Remember that song 6 Underground by the Sneaker Pimps? I always thought the lead singer was hot ‘cuz she looked like she had fangs so best believe I been on it. But lemme stop ‘cuz overtly boasting about how u “been up on it,” is mad annoying.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see other people now appreciating the subculture. Thanks Twilight for making me feel a little less weird. Peep the NY Times’ feature on vampire style, “Dark Glamour.” 



2 responses to “Dark Glamour

  1. This is kind of off the subject but… well, I guess it’s not, maybe.

    Anyway – SQUEEE!! I was looking through those pictures and saw they ARE making Blood: The Last Vampire! I thought they had canned the production of that and now I am SO excited.

    And… yeah. Just wanted to share that. 😛

  2. Jenny – You’ll be happy to know that they’re not just making BLOOD – it’s done! It opens in limited release in the US on Friday, July 10th!

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