Christian Serratos on TWITTER

AMAZING. only one TWEET and already she has over 2,000 followers – WTForks?! You go girl! Check out these HOT photos of her too!!!

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This just in: The Twilight Saga: New Moon star Christian Serratos is now on Twitter.Her official MySpace page just sent out an alert letting us know that she has joined Twitter, and her first tweet is as follows:

This is not conforming…This is networking. HELLO TWITTER.

You can follow Serratos here.

Also, you can find a full list of official Twitter accounts for stars of The Twilight Saga: New Moon here.

via Examiner

Question: Tweet in the past-tense = twat? twit? twatted? twitted???

Imagine if you will, “I just RE-TWATTED that!”

bahhahahahah! ok ok, bye.


3 responses to “Christian Serratos on TWITTER

  1. She is outrageously BEAUTIFUL!!!!She is such a great actress and cant wait to see her future projects.


  2. we’re all worrying about KStew stealing Rpattz – christian is def the underdog here – HAHAHHA

  3. in the 2nd pic she looks like aundrea fab-wutever her last lame is lol chick from danity kane. i think she took a pic in a similar pose.

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