so with news that pre-production has begun on the BREAKING DAWN movie,  i got all scary and started hyperventilating cuz that would mean that this Twilight obsession thing is coming to the end of its run.  and as i got the pint of ice cream out of the freezer and started to sit and watch Twilight for the umpteenth time, i came across this article that stopped my pity party dead in its tracks.

a volturi spin off?  seriously???   with the slew of these other vampire-based TV shows [true blood, vampire diaries] is there room for more?  even IF they were Twilight based???

Michael Sheen is Aro, leader of the Volturi

Michael Sheen is Aro, leader of the Volturi

i mean, i just dont know if i could sit there and watch Jane, Aro and Company without wanting to see my Edward or Bella or even Jacob!   and if they were to cast like…  REGULAR ACTORS to play them?  oh thats just BLASPHEMY.  ….  idk how i feel about this yet. how bout u?


7 responses to “spin-off???

  1. a million different thoughts started circling in my mind when i read the article about the tv spin-off. i don’t think it’d appeal to me and the story wouldn’t be interesting. i like the conflicted kind of vampires LOL. but anyway, i can’t believe how fast these movies are coming out. i wonder if k.stew WILL sign on for breaking dawn.

  2. No need to cry, Twilight will never be over, you’ll just be able to, as a wise cafepress.com t-shirts says, “Read, Watch, Repeat” day after day after day. That’s how I see it, soon I’ll be able to watch all the movies in one sitting. 🙂

  3. Krista McIntosh

    Im excited to have all 4 dvds to be able to watch back to back. Twilight, just isn’t complex enough for me (the movie). So it will be nice to have more out of the (movie) story. As for the spin off, Twilight isn’t about the Volturi characters, so Im not too sure. I need the connection of Bella and Edward and Jacob. I just dont know how you can call it a Twilight spin off without some sort of web in relation to that.

  4. that’s insane! idk what to think! of course, i want more… with stephenie behind the wheel, to keep it all just right. but… no edward/bella/jacob/cullens/wolfpack? that’s just crazy talk! SO TORN!
    television would probably ruin it. 😦

  5. Okay… a few things:

    1. I am sure (almost positive) that you guys have heard by now that they are filming “Breaking Dawn” soon after “Eclipse” wraps… right?
    2. Is anyone else having problems with comments not posting beyond myself? I have attempted to post comments numerous times (in different threads) and they simply do not show up.
    3. I thought Yoshi lived out here on the west coast? I was just sent some pictures… and you are in them.

    They are in N.Y.

  6. nooooooo i don`t like it!!!! If r.patz n k.stew don`t make a cameo me no like…. lol

  7. This is exactly what happened after the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I guess it depends how well it is executed. I mean, it might be ok then good then great. Time will tell, but there will definitely be people who are curious enough to give it ratings the first few eps.

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