Helloooooo Jackson!

new photos of Jasper via His Golden eyes! uhmmm… YUM????? TEAM JASPER??? (aka TEAM J-BONE?!)



remind you of anyone? ->




7 responses to “Helloooooo Jackson!

  1. Sorry. But I just do not get this “hot” vibe from him.

    And yes, I am a guy… but I have absolutely no qualms (and have never had) about

    admitting when a man is good-looking.

    Johnny Depp – that is a good-looking man.

    I was watching “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and said to a [female] friend

    during his motorcycle scene, “That is one good looking guy.”

    I could go on (and on)… but I think you gals get the point.

    No hating on my part…

    I just do not see it.

    And I am curious as to why.

    (I am usually pretty good at this kind off thing)

    [P.S. Hey YOU… yeah YOU ;p – some of your list was… enh. Nas? Allen? Yep. Even

    Shia LaBeouf has grown into quite a handsome young man… but Nas? He is like Jasper

    to me. Or perhaps it was how they described him in Twilight that has me looking at him

    with such skepticism. You know the whole Jessica Stanley: “Yeah, but they live

    together. It’s weird-and, okay, the little dark-haired girl is Alice. She’s REALLY

    weird, and, um, she’s with Jasper, the blonde one who looks like he’s in pain.”

    He will forever look like he is in pain to me because of ONE line – lol! ;p To each

    his (Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! ¬©What “some horses eat ;)) or her own]

  2. See, why you gotta do me like that? Depp from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory? All I have to say is that hat on Jackson gave me VERY sweet dreams last night… wait, there WAS hot chocolate dripping down my…

    Oh, nevermind, maybe there IS a comparison worth making. *wink*

  3. It’s too early in the morning for me to form coherent sentences but… yum. Double yum.

  4. oh those are some clean ass pictures!

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