Vampire Baseball and Happy 4th!!!

a SLEW of Twilight sites and blogs are in attendance in Portland for the Vampire Baseball with the Cast of Twilight!!! i’m talking like the TOP of the TOP online sites!

Twilighters Anonymous is giving us a LIVE feed from the game:

and FOLLOW THEM on twitter!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kimmy from His Golden Eyes will be tweeting from the event as well – follow her! Here are a few pics she tweeted for us!



Rachelle Lefevre is TWEETING from the game too! “Vampire baseball dream team!”


WTFLY LADIES! Why the FORKS didn’t we fork up the money to go to this?!?!?! I’VE GOT THE WICKED CURVEBALL!!!


3 responses to “Vampire Baseball and Happy 4th!!!

  1. Krista McIntosh

    Awesome! Cant wait for more pics! Wish I was there. Bring on more pictures as the game starts!!

  2. her battery was dying dammit lol

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