Twi-Tatts continued…

so we got a HEAP of comments about THIS particular “tattoo” post (AHEM: and NO, i am not crazy enough to get that shit tatted on my arm!) as well as THIS tattoo..

anyway – thought i’d have you enjoy the friday by checking out some of these crazy TWILIGHT inspired tattoooooos. my question to you: WOULD YOU?!?!?!?!?!

7 responses to “Twi-Tatts continued…

  1. Sarita Pagita

    Hells to the no beotches!

    I’m 2nd hand regretting.

  2. Oh man, I’m sorry but that is such a bad fucking idea. I just can’t help thinking of all the bands I LOVED back in the day and how glad I am now that I never got their logos tattooed because I’d be hating it now. LOL.

    • damn, i kinda regret getting brandon boyd’s face tattooed on my lower back… now every time my bf has to… WAIT. i’ll stop there.


  3. OK sure I told Mr. Snarky that I was gonna get an Edward Cullen tramp-stamp for him to, er, gaze at & admire on occasion but it’s an idle threat – lol! Although I did scrawl a nice rendition of “Be safe.” on my wrist one night – in sharpie – and kinda liked it. Er, but not in an “I want this permanently inked” kinda way.

  4. all my tats are meaningful to me. they either represent something i love or an important moment of my life. not so much twilight, but this entire part of me getting to know new people and embark on adventures through canada etc would definitely be part of a chapter in the book of my life so while i wouldn’t get an actual picture of a twilight character or a paragraph written on me i’d MAYBE get something representative of it. but for now, i’d say NO haha. that little happy face dracula one is cute though.

  5. I’d consider getting a twi-tat, but it would be something only I would understand, I’d never get one which was competely obvious. Too much.

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