helllllaaa late but thats only cuz i feel like i’m on my death bed.  been sick the last 2 days and  im trying to find the strength to get ready and go swimminggg!!!  its gorgeous outside!  tryna take the lil man to the pool.  hope you all have a great fourth of july weekend yo!

after the last time we went swimming.. he loves the water!

after our last swim sesh on Sunday. damn im black.

and here we have lil miss Jaelyn showin her love for WTF?! while Mommy’s at work.  lol.  thanks for the pic Jill!




how fucked up is it that i’m off today but had to wake up early to bring the bf to work (which i don’t mind) and couldn’t fall back asleep afterwards? not even after watching the little mermaid! not even after listening to the entire mj number ones album! i even ate a big plate of chicken adobo in hopes of getting food coma to no avail gah! so here i am at 1:45pm still in bed, teef ain’t even brushed, and hair all greasy wishing yall a happy friday!

Photo 4



i’m BORED AS HELL and its TOO DAMN HOT. so i’m finding bberry themes… anyone know of a good TWILIGHT one???? for now, i’ve settled for tokidoki x hello kitty =)




Wow, I’m starting my day really late today but fuck it… it’s Friday!!! I can’t wait to bounce from the office and get my nails did… maybe I’ll get something July 4th inspired to kick off the weekend right 🙂 Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend filled w/ lotsa sun, alcohol, and fireworks!!!

Photo 63



Photo 57

Misslawn’s bro… WTFloro representin’


Oh Marina… you’re sooo funny!!!

5 responses to “TGIForks?!

  1. I stalked out the Twilight Saga display at Borders. It was like a Cullen Christmas. I purchased the Complete Illustrated Movie Companion. It is VERY cool and probably relatively new because I had never seen it before.

  2. HEY!!!! That’s my god-daughter!! Lol.

  3. abi – even I’VE brushed my teef.

  4. my coworker sent me a twilight bb theme but i don’t use it though. lol

  5. Today, I pushed my photoshop skillz to the max


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