Summer School in Forks

As seen on the Daily 10, you can now spend your summer in Forks, WA in true Twilight fashion. From June 25 – June 28, 2009, a literary symposium dedicated to Twilight will be held at the actual Forks High School. For $200+ you and fellow Twi-hards can partake in daily Twilight activities such as a “Volturi vs. Newborn” volleyball tournament, a La Push bonfire, and even get to attend a Twilight prom where they’ll crown a SSIF King and Queen. For details visit the SSIF website here.

Hmmm … the websites disclaimer states that the program is aimed towards an adult audience and will contain mature themes and language. THANK GOD. But I’ve always said you couldn’t pay me to go back to school, what more make ME PAY. So unless there’s a chance R. Patz or Alex Meraz might have the same homeroom as me I’ll spend my $200 stalking Vancouver again … ‘cuz I’m sure Patron isn’t allowed in summer school. 

How about yall?


3 responses to “Summer School in Forks

  1. ahhhhhahaha patron in the school! they don’t have to know, flask it up! haha

  2. ok, WTF is a symposium – and WHY THE HELL did i have to say it in my head at least 3x’s before i could pronounce it correctly outloud?!

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