Ashley Greene Channeling Alice Cullen?

Looks to me like our girl has embraced the fact that she is the “fashionable” Cullen both on and off screen and I’m loving it! How adorable does she look here on the red carpet? And the Choos, the Choos! I can’t help but have a thang for loud, funky, borderline ugly/tacky shoes.

So, my question is – who’s fashion sense do you like best out of the Twilight cast (men and women) OFF screen?


7 responses to “Ashley Greene Channeling Alice Cullen?

  1. I love both Ashley’s and Alice’s wardrobe. They are both so fashionable!!

    Audrey Madison

  2. dakota fanning out of all the girls on a daily basis

  3. god those shoes are hotness. fucking HOTNESS.

  4. Oh my goodness! Those shoes!!!


    I could type something here but… it would be HIGHLY inappropriate!


  5. *Right Click*

    Save Image As…

  6. Those shoes are too cute! I’ll be waiting for the knockoffs very patiently…or will trade one of my kids for a pair!

  7. shoes are amazing! and of course the helmut lang jacket 🙂 sweet!

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