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OK OK – so it WASN’T like THAT kind of interview (above) hehehe… but I got to chat with Kim from as she asked a bunch of fun questions that i was delighted to answer!


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I had a chance to talk to Jessica and find out what qualifies her as the ideal representative of all Twilight bloggers/fans/fanatics. Aside from her Edward Cullen shrine at work, which doubles as a desk, her bubbly personality shines both in the written word and on-screen, making her the obvious correspondent choice:

What do you hope to achieve by becoming a correspondent?
I really hope to do it for all the fans of
Twilight. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m totally all about going to TwiCon and speaking to the cast and other people, but I really hope to provide the best information and entertainment to all of the fans! I’d LOVE to share the experience with all of you!!!

Why do you go by Yoshi?
Yoshi is a nickname from high school that just stuck. I changed my hair VERY often and once I had a crazy hairstyle that made me look like a …. (read the rest HERE)

What message do you want to get to readers- why should they vote for you?
Please vote for me because I’m doing this for all of you! Let me represent
Twilight fans the right way!

*DISCLAIMER: IF Rob is in attendance, I cannot be held accountable for trying to jump on his back like a spider monkey.

hehehehehhe - sorry i just HAD to!

hehehehehhe - sorry i just HAD to!

Also, don’t forget to add to your bookmarks the following for the latest Twilight News!!! THANK YOU KIM!!!!

Twilight Parents Examiner

Twilight Moonlighter


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  1. Thank you for your help!


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