WTF?! +1

If you love Twilight and WTF?! and are a GURU at online social networking, then we’d like to have you on our team!

What The Forks?! is looking for an INTERN to manage our Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace accounts.   We working women tryna take over the world and sometimes, we just can’t keep up with all the online networks =).  So we need your help.  if ur interested in becoming a part of the team, keep reading!

1. Manage Twitter account.  post links to most recent posts. tweet, retweet, @mention, and reply to the frenzy of messages we have on the daily.  
2. Manage Facebook fan page.   recruit new fans, friends, and stay updated with all groups Twilight.
3. setup and create a Myspace fan page.  make it all fancy schmancy and add the world to be our friends.   stay updated on the Twilight forums

1. must be internet savvy.  know how to link fb and twitter, and some html coding.  (i said SOME)
2. must be WTFly.
3. wit and humor are a necessity!!!  
4. must be Twi-hard to the fullest.

to be considered:
1. link us to your facebook, myspace, and twitter accounts so we can see how you network, your tweet/status style, and your kickass myspace page. 
2. take your most creative WTF picture

DEADLINE for consideration is next MONDAY, JULY 6, 2009.   holla at ur girls!


15 responses to “WTF?! +1

  1. Pshhhhhhh I got this! Lol jk but no really I would love to be a parf of wtforks..I will send my app tonight 😀

  2. Paid intern or unpaid intern?

  3. I so want in on this where do I sent my links to?

  4. Am I late?! Wuts going on?! Wut I miss?!


    i’m good at photoshop.
    i can add you next to rpatz make it seem like youve been dating, broken up..back together for a night, broken up again and then married.
    i’m that good.

  6. Stfu! Haha this is cool.

  7. I’m interning at LTD magazine right now. Hyun gave me a heads up that you were looking for an intern & I am a Twi-fiend…here’s my twitter & facebook links 🙂

  8. Jane (aka susie)

    Hello there. 🙂 I am Susie (aka (and better known as) Jane). The nickname Jane came from the tractor brand John Deere…only I though there should be a kick ass female version of this brand and came up with Jane Deere. It was amazing and it stuck indefinitely.

    I am definitely internet savvy and I will admit that I am addicted (to the internet in general haha). However, in the nerd world, this is a good thing and I can proudly say that I am a nerd. haha

    I know some coding…enough to get me by…but I have so many resources that I could learn quickly, if not beg these friends of mine to help me learn everything I can asap. (It is truly disgusting how much they know.)

    I am a facebook lover, but I am also a paranoid fool because of current drama…sadly life is dramatic sometimes, right? So look up Susie Eenig (which is part of my name) and you SHOULD be able to find me right away. if not direct message me on twitter and I will get all of that information to you. I opened up my facebook to the public for now so that you SHOULD be able to look at my stuff. If you can’t, (i am SO going to bitch about it later to everyone) let me know and you will easily be able to see what I am capable of as soon as you are my friend. 🙂

    You may already know that I am a twitter head, which is my terminology for “i am so obsessed with tweeting it is sick.” So if you choose me, the WTF?! twitter will always be updated (as well as everything else that has to do with techology such as myspace and facebook too).

    I have been a moderator for a forum before which has given me lots of practice to manage pretty much anything and I think managing a facebook fan page will only feed my passion for Twilight and facebook even more. I will be able to share my love for Twilight with the world and I think that is awesome!

    My myspace is My twitter is
    my facebook stuff is above. (sorry, i honestly do not know how to link my personal page like Amanda B did…and it is driving me insane.)

    I would LOVE to help out wherever I am needed. I love Twilight and I love technology…and I would LOVE to put the two together (of course!!)

    Please consider me. I will never let you down. Jane + internet = meant to be. Jane + internet + Twilight = ridiculously amazing!

    Peace, Love, and Twilight!

  9. Jane (aka susie)

    oh…and as for a picture… my stupid camera is dead. i will do the best i can as soon as it is charged! (now where did i put that charger?! grrrr!)

  10. i would love to intern for wtforks!
    im twi-hard to the fullest.
    me and misshighyellow(featured in an earlier blog post) have even started working on the fifth book.
    and it’s just that badass.

    im not the best with links and stuff, but im good.

    but im hella internet savvy.

    ilove you wtforks! 🙂

  11. looks like i got competition ;[

  12. this doesn’t have anything to do with being an intern, but because i love wtforks so much i just wanted to ask if it’s cool that i put wtforks on a shirt and a hat? it would be the exact font and the logo.

  13. hey! I’d love the intern,
    but I’m just wayy too busy atm.
    as for the purpose of this comment:
    what the forks is wrong?
    post already! (like ‘imprint already’, get it?
    I’ve never seen you update so rarely.
    something happen?

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