KT’s Twilight Vampiress Contest!

It’s a ‘lil known fact that blogs save my sanity when I’m at work. In addition to WTForks, I have over 35 other blogs bookmarked (yet I still manage to run outta things to look at) and among them is Kimberly Tia’s.

twilightkt1 copy

Obviously a Twilight fan, today she blogged about a Twilight Vampiress Contest she’s holding so I thought I’d pass on the info to my fellow Twi-hards out there. Basically, just get in your best vampire glam, submit photos, and then cross your fingers and hope that you win ‘cuz the prizes are awesome! For deets visit KT’s website here.  Good luck everyone! Now where did I put those fangs I bought …


6 responses to “KT’s Twilight Vampiress Contest!

  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HER omg ….. i might enter if i have time ;[

  2. How Awesome is your lil Twilight blog, and thanks for putting up a blurb about my contest! I look forward to seeing some absolutely AMAZING entries that would make The Cullens proud!!!

    Stay in touch!!!

  3. sound fun, will have a look

  4. click the link said remove?

  5. Says it’s been removed??

  6. hey ladies. sorry for the corrupt link. i’m not sure what’s going on because i went to her actual site and it’s not working either. i’ll update yall as soon as i find out what’s going on!

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