Jackson…I’m coming for you.

How creepy is my headline? ahahah. I sound like such a stalker.  Anyways, so now that I’ve crossed RPatz off my list…I must move on. Plus I’m getting sorta tired of loving on him right now. I can’t believe I just said that. I think it’s all the crazy girls attacking him that’s sorta making me yawn. Also the is Kristen with him or not magazine headlines are boring me. Just get together already…my goodness. Give us all a happy Notebook esque ending. (and ps. if you’re wondering my sources on that here it is.  Rachel & Ryan. )

So now I will direct my full attention onto Jackson. And since I’ll be out west later this year, it’ll make my stalking courting easier.

Oh! and get this…in a recent interview when asked about the types of girls he likes…he was quoted saying this:

JR: Natural, mostly, but I’ve been known to be extremely attracted to the punk rock look.

Ladies, I’ve got it in the bag.


4 responses to “Jackson…I’m coming for you.

  1. No! I can’t allow you to do that! I staked m claim on Jackson when I first saw him.

  2. Yeah we’re all Robbed out – until the next pic is posted then we drool all over again. There is no known cure for Robsession. The best you can hope for is a remission. Enjoy stalking Jackson!


  4. he looks like the joker here :-p

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