ok, i’ve got some TOUGH competition – those other gals are really good! but if you love WTF and if you really like how i repped all you fellow TWILIGHT fans – PUHLEAAASSE VOTE FOR MEEEEEEE!!!!


Jessica Gueco

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Team: Team Edward

Jessica, aka “Yoshi,” takes a bit of Twilight with her everywhere she goes. Her workspace is no exception. With posters, desktop wallpaper, and the saga, itself, ready to be loaned out at any moment, Jessica does little to hide her obsession. And she wants to share it with everyone else. Her blog ( is her way of spreading the Twi-love. But the biggest sign of her mania is the trip she took to Vancouver to catch a glimpse of the filming of New Moon.

Here’s the FULL clip!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “vid“, posted with vodpod

Cast Your Vote for Our TwiCon Fan Correspondent

Who Should Help Us Cover TwiCon? On May 27, 2009, Twi-Moms, Twi-Hards, and Twi-Fans from all parts of the country headed to New York City ready to showcase their Twilight knowledge and on-the-spot reporting skills. Why? For the chance to become our guest correspondent for TwiCon.

We’ve narrowed it down to six finalists — who all who make their case in Meet the TwiCon Fan Correspondent Finalists. Which fan do you think should help us cover TwiCon? Cast your vote by July 17. Then be sure to tune in on July 27th to find out who’s going to Dallas.



  1. You’re voted =D

    That’s so exciting dude! Ahaha!

  2. i voted for youuuuu like.. 78y76790010808 times! i kept refreshing the page lmao!!

  3. voted lady!! So rad!

  4. dude i totally loved u! ur great, n ima try to get more people to vote for u! ur awesome! good luck!
    ps: i voted for u!


  6. omg im sooo excited for u!!!

  7. Just watched all the contestants, you were really the best… and the best looking too lol . Voted. Good luck!

  8. i hope you get this yoshi !!! good luck. i’ll vote til you win !!

  9. freakthefashion

    Voted for you. Good luck! I love WTF. =p

  10. so weird… i just realized, i think you commented on my blog today. totally coincidence. haha… so strange.

  11. WOW CONGRATS WOW CONGRATS on making it this far!! Just voted! I truly hope you get it! SDCC is just a few weeks away!

  12. OMG! Congrats. I wish you the best of luck. I just voted for you and will continue to do so till the 17th of July. I’ll keep everything crossed for ya. lol I really hope you get it. πŸ˜€

  13. I voted for you 3 times! I hope you get it, you deserve it.

  14. Voted for you love!



  16. hahahhaha – i hope so!!!

  17. Hey Jessica, I just became of fan of Twilight this past month and part of it is because of Ms. Kay aka PurpleLipstiick. Saw her post and voted for you, GOOD LUCK, I really hope you win!!! REPPIN CALIIIIIIII!!! XO!

  18. Of course I voted for you!!! I hope you get it!!!

  19. voted!! you are too cute! good luck=)

  20. see how loyal i am that i already voted! lol!

    success … COME IN! XD

  21. ok so i’ve voted for you a thousand and five times ten times…
    p.s. I LOVE HOW UR REPPIN SF. =)

    p.p.s. ok, back to voting.

    p.p.p.s. YOU GOT THIS IN THE BAG.

  22. LipsLikeSugar

    Voted for you and really hope you win! You’re too cute not to! πŸ™‚

  23. you got this-

    like the hubby always says.. “twi-tard unite” (hater) hahahaha

  24. i usually never vote for these things, but i had to show my love for wtf! plus you’re the cutest one, you deserve to win ;o) good luck!!!!

  25. awww L you voted πŸ˜€ , yesss recruiting twilight readers is fun . . .

    yoshi girl we got thissss

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