Alexa Chung is one of us

*Jun 12 - 00:05*

Recently the lovely Alexa Chung’s television show “it’s on with Alexa Chung” premiered on Mtv.  So of course I had to tune it because I absolutely love her and I’ve heard how much she loves Twilight & RPatz.  So last night I caught up with a few of my tivo’d episodes, and when she talks about RPatz….it’s so hilarious.  In one of the show segaments, his  photo popped up on the screen and she just goes “swooon” and continues to tell everyone to hold on a moment while she stares at his photo.

It’s really quite funny.

I wonder if she will get any of the Twi-cast on her show.


2 responses to “Alexa Chung is one of us


  2. Omg, she lives in New York now. Let’s set her and rpattz up!!

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