It’s official….I’m a vampire.

Ok, so in most vampire stories, if one of them goes into the sun they burn, and in Edward’s case he sparkles.

Well, this weekend I had a very similar reaction….which only can mean one thing…


So this weekend I went on a mini vaca with the bf (ok cue in the awwws now) to a little island off Florida. Basically the entire time was spent in the sun and swimming in the ocean. After being in the sun for about 6 hours, we decide to get out of the ocean and head back to the hotel. Everything seems normal……but then it happens.

My skin starts to feel a little funny on my neck and face, and it begins to itch a bit. I figure it’s just the sand irritating me. Instantly I get this hive like reaction and I can’t explain where it’s coming from. I have never had a problem with allergies before.

After much panic, and meeting with the local pharmacist, she diagnoses me with sun poisoning or something like that. I get some aloe and go on my way, and I’m telling you once I got inside the store and out of the sun, the reaction instantly started to disappear.

She says “sun poisoning”….I say I’m turning into a vampire.

PS: the best part of the this whole scenario is that my boyfriend made the Twilight/vampire transition before me! I didn’t even think of it, he put the idea into my head. haha.


One response to “It’s official….I’m a vampire.

  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, i so wish vampires were real. that’d be AMAZING !

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