The Vampire Diaries??

vampire-diariesOk, so maybe I’m about to get handed a late pass, but I’m sorry I don’t tune into the “CW” much to watch tv.

But last night I’m flipping through and I see some commercial for this upcoming tv program “The Vampire Diaries”. So of course I then start googling and trying to find all the info about it.

It’s based on the book saga (published in 1993 so it’s not ripping off Twilight) by L.J. Smith where a small town girl is torn between two vampire brothers.

hmm…sounds like it could be good.

Premieres Sept 10th….who will be tuning in?

I’m also gonna pick up the books cause I need some more teen angst vampire stories in my life.

The Vampire Diaries Web Page

ps. I still have to download True Blood…I know I know…so behind.

5 responses to “The Vampire Diaries??

  1. I’ve got the first few books kicking around the house waiting to be read (yeah…right after the stack next to the bed) but I’m curious. I’ll tune in for a few episodes.

  2. my friend read those books and apparently, they’re really good. šŸ™‚

    but it’s only because of the twilight saga that they are even popular…

  3. Christina Padilla

    I need some more teen vamps in my life too….so i will be tuning in.

    Michael Buble playing a vamp?

    j/k i know it’s not him, but the dude does resemble him a bit.

    and just so ya know, i have been saying what the forks instad of what the @#$% and my foul mouth life i was leading is a bit better because of you! lol HA!

  4. I have read all 5 vampire diaries books after i read twilight loved 1-4 5 was a bit out there. Here is the site for the preview of VD.

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