oh. hell. no.


why did my 2nd favorite vampire call out my 1st favorite vampire?  WTFFFFFF?

In a new interview with Marie Claire, True Blood‘s resident vampire Stephen Moyer (who plays Bill Compton) has some choice words for New Moon bloodsucker Rob Pattinson.

“He’s a p***y! He’s the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires.” 

forreal Bill, forreal?  u callin out my Edward?  FOR SERIOUS?  i’m rethinking about my True Blood “series recording” for now.  i am SOOO TURNED OFF.


17 responses to “oh. hell. no.

  1. OH HELL NO -___-
    Hes just mad cuz robert gets everybodys panties wet so he needs to STFU! im seriously also re thinking watching “True Blood ” -____- !!

  2. O H E M E F F G E E !
    H A L E N O ! ! !
    And I actually liked this guy?
    Psh, Hell with that. So long “True Blood”.
    My friend tried to get me to consider watching
    “True Blood”, pfft hell the fuck no.
    That “Moyer” guy can go suck it. >.<
    Rob Pattz is the best vampire there could ever be.

  3. what’s up with all these vampire shows now? don’t they know that nothing’s gonna be better than the twilight saga and edward cullen?

  4. LipsLikeSugar

    I read that shit too, pissed me off cuz I love me some True Blood! Stephen just doesn’t know Edward as well as all of us do, if he did-he wouldn’t be talkin shit.

  5. edward will always be the vampire that keeps my panties wet.

    but i still won’t stop watching true blood. every fucking episode is like a season finale.

    plus it has all the profanity i wish twilight movies would have, if they weren’t filmed for horny preteens. 😦

  6. He just has hate in the blood.I still love me some true blood.sorry.


    i think somebody is gettin jelly up in hurr! just cuz his chick ain’t as hot as KStew. Stop sippin on dat haterade, BILL!

  8. Christina Padilla

    oh no he di-in’t.
    he’s just hating because Bill charres in sunlight like a friggen bad bbq and isn’t sparkly all purdy like Edward Plus his hair sucks too.

    but i’ll still watch it.

    Doesn’t thise dude know what kind of fans he’s f’ing with?

  9. I was Pissed when i heard and he is my second favorite vampire. Now i guess my second best is vampire diaries. Sept 10 on CW!

  10. OH NO BILL COMPTON!!! why did you say that. you just lost a lot of points dude

  11. *coughs nervously* team eric….. *continues to cough nervously*

    obviously if u watch true blood or read the books u know who eric is…

    O.O! *still coughing nervously….*

    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eric!

      • I noe right!!!!!! Omg the book version of Eric….. I hope they make him that way in True Blood cuz…. Oh good *drools*.

        My theme song for him is that song that goes….

        “I WANT TO SEX YOU UP!

  12. Hmmmm eric. Really?idk mannnn. I’m goin to have to read the books along with vampire diaries

    • READ THE BOOKS! he’s not to appealing in the show but in the books…. ehh hehehehe =) lol.

      the books are really good i started them i wanna say last week and i’m on the 7th one now. lol.

      i hate to admit this but Sookie is a nice change from Bella.

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