In my dreams…

This is what I do when I’m bored…


Clearly, NOT my best work but it’s still hilarious, hahaha!!! Imagine… me walking the red carpet with rpatz, gahhhhhh!!! I’d dieeee

Send me your pics and I can hook yah up too, lol…


7 responses to “In my dreams…

  1. can you make me oneeeee?

  2. That’s far better than I could ever do!

  3. hahaha, nice

  4. LipsLikeSugar

    You are hilarious!!

  5. LANIE! STOP! hahahahhahahahha

  6. how the fuck you do that….??!!! YOU PHOTOSHOP-ER~!!! im taking my lessons on editing myself…watch out…but in the mean time..can you do mine!??? you can just add a white girl do on my puffy ass hair…lol

  7. LMFAOOOOOOO OMGG ur sooo funny! i like the others one u did before

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