so most of the WTFly ladies of WTF can pretty much say we have our stomping ground within the streetwear arena, so we, especially MissLawn and I, get all excited when we see images like:

rpatz in ALIFE:


Justin Chon (Eric) in In4mation:

iChat Image(QcG)

Rob in Plain Gravy (TWICE – must really like the shirt hehe)

plain gravy 1

plain gravy 2

Rob in CROOKS – yea yea!


*UPDATE* here’s cameron (twilight’s alec) also in crooks – HOLLA! thanks rika for the tip!


and in SNEAKTIP (thanks tati)


ok this next one isn’t streetwear related… but REALLY??? can you guess who it is??


uhm – WTF?! YES its kellan!!!!! GAH!!! yuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-y


and just for kicks… here’s TAYLAUT -P


oh and one more… bc i’ve never seen this pic before hehehe


have YOU seen any photos of any of the other characters wearing any streetwear brands??? if so – shoot them over!


9 responses to “TWILIGHT and STREETWEAR

  1. im jealous at how tan justin is lol

  2. Sweet baby Jesus, the second pic of Kellan is hot.

  3. I saved this page to show rob, but here’s lil “Alec” in Crooks!

    Think I saw youngster in a Sneaktip tee also

  4. here’s Alec in a Sneaktip tee

    –tati .

    • yah! i actually did business with his shop when i used to do sales for in4mation – misslawn has worked with him as well =) thanks!!

  5. I think that pic of Kellan kinda sorta reminds me of Prodigy. Just a little.

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