my favorite TWILIGHT “texts from last night”

ooommmgggg – thank you “E” for this…. here are some of my favs:

(904): I’ve been awake for 20+ hrs. What does that mean? I just realized if BSB were Twilight characters, Brian would be Jake and Howie would be Edward based on the video for “Everybody”. That’s unsettling.
(1-904): It’s unsettling that you took the time to think about that.
(310): my mom just walked in on me furiously masturbating while reading twilight. needless to say, im officially out of the closet.
(432): So why didn’t Edward and the Cullens just kill Hitler?
(207): You need to stop watching Twilight.

read the rest HERE via textsfromlastnight


5 responses to “my favorite TWILIGHT “texts from last night”

  1. hahahaha i love this website.

  2. gosh u girls crack me up!

  3. That website is almost as addictive as Twilight. And LMAO funny!

  4. (202): he’s my edward cullen
    (770): I am pretty sure Edward Cullen never had an all-day drinking binge topped off with some blow.

  5. you are so freaking funny… aaaaaahhhhhhh i love this blog! clever creative hilarious.

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