Mullets, and Jumpsuits, and Blue Eyeshadow – Oh My!

Like I said before, they definitely look the part. I believe Dakota Fanning is a really good actress, although a lot of her roles were the same and involved her simply screaming or acting like a brat. As for K. Stew I’m crossing my fingers for her. I would love for her to just shock the shit out of us all and not stutter once throughout the entire film and do justice like Jamie Foxx did to Ray Charles.  So what ‘cha think of the ladies looks now that you’ve seen them full out? More pics here.

Celebs On The Set Of 'The Runaways' 



7 responses to “Mullets, and Jumpsuits, and Blue Eyeshadow – Oh My!

  1. Dakota Fanning looks amazing.

    But isn’t she like… 14?

  2. Wondering WHERE in LA they’re filming??

  3. if i caught my daughter in a hideous blue jumpsuit id disown her!.. altho shes only 8 haha

  4. they both look really hott !!!!!! i really want kristens hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait till new moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think K. Stew has a great talent for acting…

    But she landed the role because of the success of Twilight so… we shall see how it goes.

    It is kind of like when a musician does really well (Norah Jones, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Andre 3000 circa “Hey Ya”). They become the “it” person. And regardless of whether or not they sound good with such and such artist… it does not matter… they just have everyone wanting/wishing to work with them.

    Same goes for Kristen Stewart. There are probably better actors for the role… but she is the “it” gal of the moment… so she was awarded the part.

    (P.S. For the longest time I SWORE Kristen was a little boy in “Panic Room” LOL! It was only until my sister said, “That’s a girl” that I found out. But she ROCKED that role!)

  6. And DANG!!! Dakota is only 15.

    Man I am old.

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