Kristen being Kristen

You can take the clutz out Twilight BUT you can’t take the clutz outta the girl…

Our dear Kristen was seen taking a nasty spill while trying to runaway on the set of The Runaways … hahaha, how ironic, right?!



On a good note… she was able to get up, dust herself off and smoke a ciggy.


 Dontchu think she’s got the Joan Jett look down?! You go girl!!!!

3 responses to “Kristen being Kristen

  1. Wow, she looks AWESOME as Joan Jett. I wonder if she’ll get the sound down. Still, I suppose they could use the real JJ for the soundtrack.

    I hope she does this role well, as it will lift her away from teen fiction stardom into serious actress-dom. And you know I’m not a big Kbitch fan but if she does Joan well, I will be the first to stand up and praise her. Like she’ll care, eh?

  2. Wow… I did not know that Hilton guy hates Kristen Stewart.


    • Perez is a complete douche bag.

      HATE HIM.

      Lul @ Kristen. She pulls the ‘Bella’ way too much 🙂

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