checking out the ROB scene…

i finally worked up the nerve after receiving a bbm from my homegirl “Yo, why is ur homeboy from twilight around the corner from my house right now”

yep, that just about did it.

threw on some lipstick, clipped my camera to my bag, and hopped on my bike. rode down about 4 blocks from my work – took a detour so that i would ride up the one way street JUST so i could get ON the street they were filming… pretended i didn’t know WHAT the hell was going on (as well as hoping no one recognized me from our blog cuz then i’d TOTALLY get called out lmao). saw the crowd of giddy women with cams… then rode sloooooowwwwllllyyyy passed the trailers and took a peek into a well covered alley way where he was, but no sight of him. damn.

stopped at the corner to take these… this was only ONE side of the street, there was another slew of women on the opposite corner…



turns out my other friends, ym and wendy’s office was across the street too… so she sent me this about an hour after i left…


so i’m completely turned off. not going to try to find him anymore. i’ll just leave it up to chance lol


One response to “checking out the ROB scene…

  1. I was in the city again monday & I gave up 😦 *sighs*

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