143 Twilight Lane

Thanks, Adalhi for thinking of us!  She saw this street sign in El Paso, Texas.

Do we have any readers who really know where this is?  cuz thats SICK!  are there any homes for sale? lol.



4 responses to “143 Twilight Lane

  1. That is in the anaheim area.
    i dont know what city exactly, but my sister has a chior competition in a city right next to disneyland, i just can’t remember what it is called, but i freaked when i saw the sign, and would have taken a picture, if i had my camera. 😐

  2. I’m from El Paso and this is on the west side of town. My sister and I have also passed by Eclipse St. 🙂

  3. I was car-less walking to get a pedicure with my sister on the West Side of El Paso when I found it and thought of you gals. Made my sis take the picture

    there were a few homes in the area for sale 🙂

  4. Lindsey.Alex=]

    There’s also a “Twilight Lane” in Spokane, Washington! =]
    Just thought I’d let you guys know…

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