hoy!  as i sit at work on this beautiful friday, i thought i’d change up my Friday picture and use my camera to unconspicuously take a pic while no one’s looking…  unfortunately, i didnt realize it would FLASH and the entire office would ask “um, are u taking pictures of yourself?”   FAIL.

aaaaaand i hella cut off my face, but whatever, you can totally see my “W” aaaaaand u can also see my kick ass tan.  oh how the sun god’s love me.



OK. Seriously. It’s way to beautiful outside and my outfit (that u can’t see without me getting fired for trying to take a pic of it) is way too cute for me to be cooped up indoors. Hmmm … let’s see what kind of ailment I can magically conjure up by lunch time. (P.S. I’m totally bumpin Beanie Man’s “Girls Dem Suga” at work right now gettin my whine on)


TGIForks bitches, have a good weekend!



Yesssss… it’s finally starting to feel a lil’ like summer 🙂 TGIForks baby!!!!

Photo 16




Florence aka MilesMama... always reppin' WTForks?!

Misslawn's sista, Florence aka MilesMama... always reppin' WTForks?!

thanks Marina

thanks Marina


WTFriend Gaby!

WTFriend Gaby!


4 responses to “TGIForks?!

  1. lmfao! too bad i`m all out in the open @ my office… blah…. next week i`m in there. btw love ur outfit

  2. Pocket Rob *loves* you! 🙂

    I love What the Forks?!

  3. abi, you and me need to ditch work and head to the beach ASAP. its TOO NICE OUTSIDE.

  4. I was so bored! i was glad when i accidentally had something to do! YEAH! haha


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