RPatz lookalike in Miami

(That’s RPatz, cause obviously I don’t have the lookalikes photo)

Ok so part of my morning routine is listening to this radio show. And lately it’s been extra appealing since  every day Twilight comes up. But this morning, it has now been taken to another level. Apparently they’ve hired some new intern, and they keep referring to him as Edward. I guess he looks just like RPatz or as they like to say “that new vampire kid.”

So now I have a new mission….must find RPatz lookalike.

(and if my Rob is reading this…I’m kidding. I swear)


3 responses to “RPatz lookalike in Miami

  1. betsey j haz a faux celeb crush! haha

  2. Get a picture!

  3. OMG! I just found your site! Had to comment on this one. Someone on a forum said they saw someone that looked like RP in my home town too! I never told this to anyone but I’ve made it my hobby to look for this guy! Last known sighting is at Target. So, every time I go to that store I dress up! LOL! Lame-o or what? I’ll never find him.

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