oh em gee

my friend Kat just sent me the following IM

[14:37] Kat: Casting for the Twilight saga: Eclipse Actors needed for small roles & extra work CALL 323.785.2000 for Details!!!

ummmmm.  ummmm.. UMMMM!!!  i just called and its some Explorer Talent Agency?    aand i left a message.  u MIGHT just see me on the big screen.  =)



6 responses to “oh em gee

  1. just to let you guys know that site is a scam

  2. dammit rach i called it, TOLD u it was for “eclipse of dick on ur face!”

  3. *of a dick lol

  4. r u lying!? haha.

  5. the ONLY place to follow is Alan Baltes. he is REAL industry not the “play around for fun and scam people”. he is on twitter too. there are way too many scams out ther ppl fall for too easily… best of luck


  6. What about talenthunters.com? Are they a scam too? I been receiving emails from their site.

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