Twi-Dream Confessions

I know you’ve all had ’em… whether they be innocent and fun dreams of you being KStews bff and runnin’ around town OR raunchy and X-Rated dreams of you and Edward reeanacting the honeymoon scene the way it shoulda went down… naw mean?!

Well, I used to read the books every night before I went to sleep just to guarantee some nasty sweet dreams of me & Edward… and I would!!! But after I was done reading all the books, I was lucky enough if he visited me in my dreams once every week. Then as time went on, it dwindled down to once every blue moon… arrghhh, Edward come back!!!

But anyways, out of all my dreams my favorite of ’em all was this one…

I randomly bumped into RPatz at a bar, got to talking and totally hit it off. He got wind that the papz were outside waiting for him so he pulled me by the waist and whisked me out the back door. As were running down the alley, we saw some papz heading our way so we ran the opposite direction… then he pulled me into another alley way, held me close and waited til they ran passed us (at this moment, it felt soooooo fricken’ real). As he was holding me, we were both breathing pretty heavily from all the running… then he lifted my chin and we started mackin’ out!!!! Ahhhhh

Of course, at that very moment my alarm went off and although I woke up with a HUGE smile on my face, I was still bummed that I didn’t get to see what would happen next…

So ladies… we’d love to hear some of your Twi-Dream Confessions.


10 responses to “Twi-Dream Confessions

  1. So mine really sucked ball-sacs but it’s the ONLY dream I’ve ever had of him and thought I’d share anyway. Keep in mind that I had been praying of dreaming about this man since forever and this is what I got:

    I walked into a restaurant where I was supposed to meet up with some folks. I was standing, whilst tippy-toe-ing, next to the bar desperately trying to find my friends because for some reason everybody in the room was six feet tall. I bumped into someone and politely turned around and said “excuse me.” I did an immediate double take b/c I realized that it was Mr. Rpattz himself. He was wearing the usual all black ensemble: a black beanie, a black hoodie, black blazer over it, black pants, and his black Nike shoes. He was playfully holding a bottle of beer in his hands. My jaw literally dropped because he was actually smiling & staring at me and seemed interested in me. But then I realized he was standing next to somebody. That somebody was my ex! WTF?! RPattz was trying to talk to me but I was so heated that he was hanging with my ex that I stormed off!


  2. me, edward, old truck… need i say more?

  3. Okay, so I’ve have many Twilight dreams.
    My best RPatz dream was one where I randomly ran into him in this diner, and I kinda force myself into his conversation. We ended up talking for hours like we knew each other our whole lives, and when we went to leave, he refused to go anywhere that wasn’t with me:D [the dream itself was a long dream, cuz when I say we talked for hours, I mean I can tell you everything we talked about, cuz we were in the diner for like 5 hours!]

    My [in retrospect] funniest Twilight dream, was one where I was fighting to keep Jacob as my mine, cuz ROSALIE wanted him! What kind of luck is that, where I have to compete with Rosalie? lol. But her and I were chasing him, and I got to him first [tho I was still human, so that’s odd, lol] I ran up to him and told him everything how I feel about him, and he just looked at me for a minute, and without a word he kissed me! and WOW, best kiss i’ve ever dreamt about [and almost better than any i’ve ever actually participated in]. I woke up feeling like a goddess for winning a guy over Rosalie, lmao.

    [oh, and don’t get me wrong – I’m all Team Edward, but I have more Jacob dreams, cuz I have THE biggest crush on Taylor Lautner. Which is kinda funny, since he’s 17, and I’m 21]

  4. He vacations here in Hawaii, he gets hurt (don’t worry, just a cut) and comes to the hospital I work at, somehow gets lost and ends up in my office, door closes and locks….SCENE.
    The rest is between me and my fantasy Rob guy. haha

  5. Sunshinekim77

    My best dream is straight from Eclipse when he comes back from hunting, lays me on the beautiful iron bed and shows me exactly why we need it and all the things we can DO on it better then on the couch. Long story short he realizes 100 plus years is long enough and he’s tired of trying to control his urges. We roll around, we kiss and he does change his mind and doesn’t stop me from undressing.

    It is the BEST NIGHT of my life!!!!! Multiple orgasms don’t even begin to describe what he does. Put it this way he’s “HARD” as stone and never gets soft!!

    Why did i have to wake up!!????

  6. I’ve had a dream or two about Jackson Rathbone and I just having really in depth conversations.
    I mean, that was about it. Haha.

    Oh, and I also had a dream that Nikki Reed and I became lesbians so she could get more attention and publicity because she was jealous of RPattz and KStew getting all of it.


  7. lmfao @ sunshine’s dream… omg i still havent had a dream ;[ . . . maybe i`m not focusing enough

  8. Ok, so I already posted my Edward dream but, all you guys know that you’ve at least had one Jacob dream….

    I can’t really go into mine cause that would be called child porn and I would go to jail. But lets just say:

    How’s afraid of the BIG BAD WOLF!!???

    He can HUFF and PUFF and BLOW MY HOUSE DOWN anytime!!!

  9. i think i already told this dream but this one is the funniest one i had soooooo!

    i went downstairs to walk my dog (which i thought was EXTREMELY weird considering i gave away my dog MONTHS prior to this dream) so i opened my sliding door and i saw a big tall HUGE man holding my pitbull, Moki.

    my dog was just chillen in this dudes arms like “whatever.”

    and i started screaming “WTF! are you doing?!”

    turned out the man was Emmett. he looked at me and smiled and said “i have to prove to Rose that i can have a pet without eating it. So, i’m going to borrow your dog…”

    i was shocked and was thinking, ‘FUCK! what if he DOES eat my dog then what?!’

    he was turning to leave and i told him to stop but right when i stepped forward he jumped over my backyard fence and yelled back at me, “i’ll bring him back by 6.”

    then i woke up…..

    i hadn’t had n e X-rated ones… at least i don’t recall. lol.

    but i did have one of Rosalie throwing a man out of the window at Century 20. you know how the walls are just giant windows… yea.. the dude had like a bomb or something…. and she just threw him out the window to let him blow up… lol. that’s the only other one i can remember. lol.

  10. There is this site with some pretty witty articles about twilight. I invite this whole crowd to check it out:

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