so 2000 and LATE!

ok so you already follow us on Twitter.

you also follow Lawn, Yosh, Betsey, and Me on Twitter.

the only person in this equation who DOES NOT have a twitter is…  drumroll please…  DOOWADITTY!

for those of you who do not know, DooWa is a little tech retarded.   let me explain.
– she JUST switched over from pc to mac like, last week
– she had a paid aol acct up until a couple months ago.  yes i said PAID and yes i also said AOL.  as in.. america online?
– she doesnt know how to switch her myspace homepage to the new one.   and wait, who still uses myspace anyways?
– when researching for a new phone, she wanted a SIDEKICK (lmao Betsey!).  i convinced her to get a G1.  

SOOOOOO…   with that said, i’d like ALL OF YOU to help me convince her to sign up for Twitter.  my life is boring too, but that doesnt keep people from following me?  lol. 

lets go, doowa, lets go!


7 responses to “so 2000 and LATE!

  1. ur lucky i love u too much to hate u right now. but i’m TOTALLY eating the last piece of your moon cake when ur not paying attention and pushing u off the plane when i kidnap u to go skydiving anyway!

    but like i told u just a few minutes ago i refuuuuuuuuuuuuuse! i refuse to walk over to the dark side unless edward cullen is waiting there for me with open arms. I PROMISE my life is boring. i don’t care if i brushed my teeth at 8:03am or stepped on a piece of gum at 5:43pm so I don’t expect anyone else too either!

    and FYI ya big whore i DO know how to switch it over to the new home page i just get a headache tryna switch it back lmao!

  2. misslawncullen

    you know what, i’ll be pro-active and set up an account for yah 🙂

    it’ll be

  3. misslawncullen

    here you go ya’ll… she’s AbiDoowaditty


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