Get Someone Hooked

So for the last few weeks I’ve been telling my sister how great Twilight is, and the other day she FINALLY asked me to borrow my copy.
So of course I was overly ecstatic about this, but a bit hesitant because I wasn’t sure how she’d feel about the series. But what kind of Twifan would I be if I didn’t try to pass on the torch to someone else.
So about a week passes by and I totally forgot about it, until this morning….

She BBM’s me this morning asking me if I will bring her the second book on Sunday because she is completely obsessed and loved the first one. She finished the book and watched the movie in a span of 24 hours.
You have NO idea how happy this made me.
Oh and can’t forget the best part…she’s Team Edward!

So now I’m thinking there may be a contest in the works…


4 responses to “Get Someone Hooked

  1. I can totally relate, i got my sister and my mom hooked on them, and i totally fckn nervous right after i gave them the books… but of course they both loved them and read them ridiculously fast and are both team Edward! And i totally ur not a true twifan until you pass the torch 🙂

  2. Omg I passed the torch to my best friend & she’s team edward too. Its great having ppl get into it to

  3. I’m all about passing the torch, I’ve passed the torch to two co-workers (one is a 40-year-old mom and the other is in her late 50’s), my brother’s girlfriend, and a cousin of mine. I’m currently trying to persuade another co-worker but she is a little hesitant. My mom is considering reading them, oh and then there is my boyfriend’s mom who currently has my books which I was quite hesitant to give them to her since I can’t go long periods of time without reading or watching Twilight. P.S. I discovered my male co-worker reading them, AWESOME! And the best part, ALL are Team Edward. Poor Jacob, if only he wasn’t such a douche.

  4. omg! i did this too! i did it with my coworker, and FOUR of my cousins and let me tell you THEY ARE OBSSESEDDDD they love it! and i love that they love it! i was nervous 2 in the begining but bot because they wouldnt like it : which i knew they would:: but because those are my babysss and since they did love’em i thought i wasnt gonna get them back!!! -__o

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