Every Other City We Gooo…

Hmmm let’s see if it’s true.

At 2:32am I get a text from my girl Ness whos is currently on a mini vacay in L.A. It says:

“This girl I just met loves Twilight n just told me she follows wtforks’s blog everyday hahaha.”

So. SoCal readers, if you were out last night and ran into a Filipina chick who can pass for either Samoan/Mexican/Japanese named Vanessa with big ass titties holler. Let’s see if you actually do follow WTForks on the daily. We love you either way!


2 responses to “Every Other City We Gooo…

  1. lol! it was cathy’s assistant. and we were all so drunk..hahahha!

  2. Ahahahah. Yes that was me. And yes I was drunk. But… I do follow this blog like EVERYDAY. Usually multiple times a day, in hopes of a new update… Weeeee!!!! Lurve the Nessa!

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