BFF’s: Dakota vs Nikki

now we all know that dakota is working with KS on the new movie “the runaways” so i’m not even gonna give you the deets – well because i’m lazy and i don’t have time to type at work.

i was just thinking – after seeing these photos on twifans – how CUTE these new galpals are with eachother. it really reminds me of how bella is with jacob vs how bella is with edward in the movie. you know what i mean??? like, bella’s always cheerful and shit around jacob and then she gets all quiet and sombre around edward – did you guys catch that or was i the only one…




ANYWAY – this brings me to this – check out how KS is around dakota vs how she is around nikki. don’t you feel like she’s trying to be more of a badass around nikki? but when she’s with dakota – she’s more… “normal” – for lack of a better term… maybe i should say, more FUN… ?







***ok all you nikki fans – just a heads up – i’m not trying to hate on her. i love her. she’s badass. but tell me you don’t see a change of character/personality when dakota and kristen are together? so if i see a comment that relates to anything like this – i’ll delete. xoxo =)


15 responses to “BFF’s: Dakota vs Nikki

  1. ummm. agreed! just goes to show you are who you keep. right?

  2. are people really Nikki fans? GROSS.

    it’s probably because Nikki acts like her character in Thirteen in real life.

  3. Why do I feel like that disclaimer at the bottom may or may not have been directed at me?? LOL

    Nikki/Rosalie 4 Lyfe!!!!

  4. I must admit I kinda feel sorry for pool ol’ Nikki. She seems really genuinely nice as a person (not that any of the twilight cast are not like that) and if she really is as depressed as the media say well then Kristen might want to make up with her and be a friend. But her and Dakota seem to make really good BFFs.
    When I was reading this article the song “Why Can’t We Be Friends” came into my head.

  5. Omg I never noticed that!!! That’s so weird ….am I the only one that thinks its weird that dakota is up on the twilight mix??like I never thought shed be in it but anway…weird

  6. i agree with Betsey about the whole THIRTEEN thing. I’m a Nikki fan and all.

    but i just think KS (i have nothing against her) is just trying to keep up with her and her ways.

    and that’s SO weird you point that out. i never noticed that. i DID notice that you never see Nikki and Kristen together n e more though? wsup with that? if they’re such good friends. iunno!

  7. i agree. it makes a whole lot of sense.

  8. i’ve met nikki. she’s super sweet and so down to earth. it’s strange that kristen has a change of demeanor depending on who she’s with.

  9. I just really wanna know what made KStew react like that!

    lulz FTW.

  10. com’n!!! that’s not true! i mean, i’m always watching ks pics and, she is always like that, she can be very smiley and then she can be a badass, maybe she is bipolar or whatever, but thats the way she is… There are pics with nikki where she is smiling so… i cant see the change…
    i prefer nikki, dakota is like i dunno.. like very dumb and inocent…

  11. yeah thasts right 2 because ks was friend of nikki when both are filming twilight but now ks is filming another that is with dakota and if you`re in a set of a movie u have actress or actors friend that act in that movie ans also dakota act in new moon so they became friends but i like most the friendship with nikki , dakota see inocent and i think that she might not be in new moon because i see like well is so young and all of twilight i thik are more old no much but i think that k and n 4 e! but what happened to nikki that not appear ? with ks anymore ? maybe because she is busy or because k is busy but i dont want that her friendship finish :(!!

  12. i think that k and nikki be more friends than she and dakota i love her friendship but where is nikki? why is she dont be wit kristen? i dont want that her friendship gone!:( k and n 4 ever and always

  13. But it’s like when your with a guy that’s just a friend you can be cool and all cuz it doesn’t matter, but you get more srsus with a guy you like cuz it matters more to you, you know. I think that’s what’s up with Bella & jacob vs B &E.

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