We’re gonna party with The Cullens

There are a few things the WTFly ladies love, two of them are Twilight and partying our asses off.

shots taken by the WTFly ladies at the Sam Bradley show

shots taken by the WTFly ladies at the Sam Bradley show

So what could be better than combining the two of them?

Ladies….I give you the Twilight Drinking Game.
Play the Game

I think my favorites on the list are:
+ one for everytime bella and edward just stare at each other
+ two if they’re not alone

+ one for every time just edward’s eyes are shown
+ two if they’re glaring
+ three if it’s during a kstew voice over

(I about lost it when I read “kstew voice over”)

Ok ladies….so who is down to play?

(I’m pretty sure Rach would win, I mean c’mon she DID have a shot at dinner)

I really hope someone comes up with one of these for each movie.


6 responses to “We’re gonna party with The Cullens

  1. LOL! That’s great!

    We were going to play a game where you had to do a shot every time kstew twitched but… we were afraid we’d be passed out within the first fifteen minutes of the movie…

    • lmao imagine how many times she stuttered.

      I have got to try this game.

    • lmao! i was gonna say a shot for everytime she stuttered but i’m only 113 lbs i’d be out in NO TIME.

      how ’bout a shot for everytime someone in the room squeals or sighs or gushes whenever edward or her preferred team captain enters the scene?

      if ur significant other is in the room, a shot for everytime they roll their eyes at u for doing the above?

  2. lets get wasted! im on it!

  3. OOOOMMMMGGGGG. i am sooo down. abi, this friday we play! omg we play till my liver runs away!!!

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