naibe, from reelz channel, sat down with papa pete in la it seems like… ugh – so lucky!

Peter Facinelli, me, and iced tea. It has a nice ring to it. We squeezed into a booth at “The Grill” on Hollywood and Highland. It was a date of sorts (a girl can dream, right?) — a TV date set up by my producers to talk about New Moon and Nurse Jackie, his Showtime series.

While he plays a doctor in both, Dr. Fitch Cooper is darker than Twilight‘s Carlisle Cullen. And not just his hair and skin. Dr. Cooper suffers from manic highs and lows, and has a nervous tic of touching women inappropriately.

Peter Facinelli with Naibe ReynosoToo bad it’s not a real tic because I was sitting only a few inches away during our 45-minute chat…. But I digress.

My interview with Facinelli — in which he talks about differences between New Moon and Twilight, as well as his wife Jennie Garth (sniff, sniff) and their three daughters — will be online later this week.

But I wanted to alert Twilight fans now: Facinelli has a bet going with his friend Rob (DeFranco, not Pattinson). He needs 500,000 Twitter followers by the end of the day on Friday, June 19, or he loses his Twilight set chair to DeFranco.

We can’t let that happen. Start the following, Twi-Hards!

ALL YOU WTFkrs better be following @PeterFacinelli on Twitter!!!! If not, DO IT: http://www.twitter.com/peterfacinelli


2 responses to “update on PAPA CARLISLE

  1. nurse jackie is really funny, i mean not Facinelli’s character(he doesn’t really get much screen time), but jackie is really funny.

  2. So weird, just got home from a bar, after a friend told me she has been working on nurse jackie and is going to LA for more nurse jackie work. Never heard of nurse jackie until an hour ago and now on here. Everything comes back to twilight.

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