true bloooood

today is my off day, and i just caught up with the season premiere of True Blood season 2.  remember, i told u guys bout True Blood?

if u didnt catch it on HBO last Sunday, here’s a recap.  

OMG, let’s recap what happened during the Season 2 premiere of “True Blood.” First, boobs! Next, blood! Finally, was I hallucinating, or did Eric bite a man’s penis off? But let’s not go there just yet.

yeah, you read boobs, blood and penis.  all our favorite things!!!!!!!    catch the next episode on HBO on Sunday so we can gush over yet another vampire/human love affair.  =)


13 responses to “true bloooood

  1. aww man!! these are the kind of shows that make me wanna up sticks and move to the States.. stupid uk for not pinching HBO. ugh. enjoy it!

  2. I LOVE this show! I have to admit Sookie is a much better carachter than Bella, however Edwards is WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY Hotter than Bill

  3. i actually finished the first book today. so right now i’m waiting for the very first episode of True Blood to load. lol. I watched the 2nd season premiere tho. out of pure curiosity…. i am here to confess i am hooked. lol.

  4. Loving True Blood…hoping there is some good Eric action or at least shirtlessness or a tight shirt and shorter hair?

    • i have no idea if this is inappropriate or not. but i LOVE your name! lmao. sorry if this makes you mad. i just wanted to let you know. lol.

      • Thanks…I was trying to be provactive when I picked my blogger name, but it usually just makes me giggle…yours it awesome too! You are totally going to love book 4!

  5. omg true blood is the best! i want to go into reading the books too… cant wait for sunday!ah

  6. hi WTF – i just got hooked on True Blood Season One. I read all the Sookie Stackhouse novels already – The series deviates a bit from the books, but I think it’s for the better. Almost everyone in True Blood is Hot! Eric Northman, especially! And Jason and Sam too!!! Plus, there’s more “action” in True Blood than in Twilight. Of course, Rob is way hotter as a vampire, but damn, Stephen Moyer’s real voice is sexay (he’s British)!

  7. QUESTION! i am a TV zombie and i’m already half way through season 1 of True blood. i’m just starting book two. is it safe for me if when i finished season 1 can i watch season 2? or will taht just ruin things?

    • You’ll finish the book before you get to Season 2, plus, the first episode doesn’t give anything away from book 2…actually, there was really nothing in the season opener that was similar to the book. You should be safe for now. Although, I did see a preview of something that does happen in book 2, but I’m not sure when that will air.

  8. Hey All,
    Okay honest opinion. i LOVE true Blood. But i cant help but notice the subtle similarities between true blood and twilight…

    liiiike a vamp falls in love with a girl. They are attracted to each other and there is some kind of mystery because one cant read the others mind. it just so happens that the girl is the one with the mind reading powers this time…

    there is a 3rd guy in the picture who happens to be a shape shifter??

    and thats all i got on my conspiracy theory lol ill get back to ya when i think up some more.

    haha laterr.

  9. FYI – The first novel, “Dead Until Dark” which season 1 of True Blood is (loosely) based on was published in 2001. “Twilight” was published in 2005. Plus, there’s always been an uneasy co-existence with vamps and werewolves in movies and in literature.

    Season 2 of True Blood looks like it’s going to be verrry hot!

  10. oh my god. you guys, I am so grateful you posted
    about true blood… you have no clue.
    like literally, I watched the first season within 3
    days or so, and it is so fuckin gorgeous.
    I can’t even get over it.
    and those gals have tits like wheeeeeee I don’t know.. man,
    I just adore. it. so. fuckin. much.
    yeah I’m writin bullshit but just cause I’m so
    happy that FINALLY cycle 2 is in our face!
    shoot me. I won’t survive till next sunday

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