The Eagle Has Landed!

And I’m seeing double. There was no doubt in my mind Kristen would LOOK the part of Joan Jett, I just hope she can play the part. Perhaps it would help to learn from the legend herself. Well, ask and you shall receive! Here’s a glimpse of the two at the same spot (Although obviously not at the same exact time). Not quite sure if she’s there just to coach, or give singing lessons – whatever the reason may be, if I was K-Stew I’d have a shitload of reasons to be stuttering today.  P.S. Is it me, or does Joan Jett look almost exactly the same as when she first asked us to put another dime in the jukebox (baby)?



4 responses to “The Eagle Has Landed!

  1. joan looks awesome. and i high five kristen for chopping off her hair and pop rocking that mullet for the part. i don’t know any big name celebs that would do that for a part.

  2. Kristen blows

  3. Can we seriously stop posting stuff about Kristen. She is an ungrateful person who is a stupid, horrible acting pot head. Let’s post more stuff about ROB ROB ROB…where is he this second? His hotel room? How long will he be there? Let’s stop being so diplomatic and be more stalkerish. 🙂

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