i think they taped our convo’s…

ok i promise that this will be one of the last rob insanity related posts… my girl sent this blackbook “confessions of a rob pattinson stalker” interview over my way and i SWEAR they must have spied on WTFly conversations on aim…

anyway here are snippets of the interview – click here for the FULL ARTICLE:

How many times a day do you Google him?
About five times a day. Today it was five. The first thing I do on the computer is read about him, find out where he’s hanging out. I know every bar he’s been to since he’s been here.

Can you name some?
He was at Black & White the first day he came, and Rose Bar, and then Bowery Hotel.

Is he dating anyone?
I don’t know, because we haven’t had any Kristen Stewart sightings, and there’s rumors of that.

Doesn’t she have a boyfriend?
There’s difficulties there.

How many times have you watched the New Moon trailer?

Did you like it?
I don’t know, I fucking hate Kristen Stewart. It has nothing to do with him, because I’ve seen him in other movies. I think she’s the worst actress ever. She’s the same character in every single movie. She’s like a female Michael Cera.

If he’s on the cover of a tabloid, will you buy it?
Yes, I own every single one that has him on the cover.

Do you have his posters on your wall?
No, I wanted to buy them, but my roommates had a little intervention with me and said I was getting too crazy.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to find out his whereabouts?
I found a picture of him arriving at his hotel the day he got to New York, and there’s writing on a window behind him which I zoomed in on. But it’s cut off by a pole, so I just started typing what it said on Google, trying different things, and this event came up. I looked up its location, and then found the nearest trendy hotel, and it was the Bowery.

What’s the closest you’ve come to actually stalking him?
I was sitting in the lobby of the Bowery Hotel last night waiting for him. We were there from two in the morning until we got kicked out.

So when you’re there, are you constantly looking at the door?
Yeah. I was drunk when I got there. It was a drunk idea to go stalk.

Are you going to try and find him while he’s shooting this summer?
I have someone on the inside who works for a production company. We’re going to try to break her to find out where they’re shooting.

What’s the goal in all of this?
To find him and ravage him.

So there’s a sexual aspect to all of this?
Are you kidding me? I would do him in a second!

UHM… YEA. i think that pretty much sums it up for me as well…


2 responses to “i think they taped our convo’s…

  1. omg – that is one frakked up crazy fan!! talk about obsessed, that interview should be sent to NYPD so they can be on the lookout for her! lol

  2. LMFAO w o a h ! .. speachless -__o

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