can u hear me now?

so last week, my cousin Tat (who works at Verizon and infamously put me on to Twilight) and I had dinner… our conversation went like this.

her – i think one of my coworkers reads WTF?!
me – really?
her – yeah, i saw her own it and told her, “i think my cousin started that. or is a part of that. or something?”
me – wait, HOW DO U NOT KNOW?
her – dude she said the same thing!  i read the books a thousand times, but unlike you, i actually have work to do at work! 
me – but seriously, how do u not know?  you introduced me to twilight?  you watched the midnight showing of the movie with me?  you’re my cousin aka best friend aka living diary?  
her – …………………..

whats the point of this blog, u ask?

i’m putting TAMARA JANSEN on blast.  if u work at Verizon, and you are this coworker that she speaks of… thanks for the support.   print this shit out for the girl.    cuz she should know that WTF is on its way to twi-domination….    =)



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