damn son! all you guys are making the vancouver fans look like angels – WTF?!

lol… ok – for real tho… check these photos out. this is EXACTLY why i didn’t try to go out and find him…

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18 responses to “YO! NEW YORK! CHILL!

  1. really?
    i don’t think any of that is necessary….wow.
    some girls are really crazy.
    they seriously need a chill pill or just some tranquilizers. lOl

  2. I am so embarrassed. Only redeeming thing is that I know (from posted fan accounts, no judgin) that many of these people are tourists and traveled to ny to see him. Alright, that’s my ny snob comin out. Can’t help it.

    • that’s OD. I dont think your being a ny snob because I’m from jersey and I feel the same way. the girl in the plaid had him by the neck like wtf lol

  3. At least, that’s what I’m hopin. Also, WTF Summit?! I know you’re not oblivious to the RP appeal, and I know that film sets in the city can be pretty tight security wise if you want them to be. Therefore, you must be makin it lax on purpose to pimp out your man. I do not approve. No thank you.

  4. Wow.. that’s bad! Seriously?… give the guy some space!

  5. Those bitches need a serious beat-down. I’ll take the one with the canvas Twilight bag!

  6. That’s SO terrifying. Well, everyone better get it in now before they make him a bulletproof Pope cart.

  7. Sunshinekim77

    That’s crazy!! It was soooo not like that earlier in the day. I feel so bad for him!! No offense to anyone but those girls look really young so what do you expect?!

  8. Hahahahaha, so I was tempted to check this site out when I saw this post. Thanks to NY girls, Vancouver fans DO look like angels… I would have to say, this is sort of extreme. Remember he’s still human!

  9. Damn. It wasn’t like that at all when I went down there. Those chicks are fucking nuts.

    Maybe I’m a snob too but I can’t imagine anyone from NYC/NJ acting like that.

  10. misslawncullen

    i’d expect this from any other city but NOT new york… c’mon peoples ya’ll gotta have more swag than that.

  11. I am so second-hand embarrassed, it’s not even funny. This completely ruins my chance at every impressing him, let alone meeting him. The boy is going to need *therapy* after this. Sigh…

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  14. Poor Robert, seriously, those girls need to leave the poor man alone. He’s human for christ sake, he’s just like you and men, expect he choose to be an actor for his job because that what’s his passion. Admire from a far, but how would those girls feel if the situation was reverse. See him on the street, be like hey cool that’s Robert over there, give him a friendly nod and go on with your day. Of course its okay to run back to your house and hyperventilate for a little, or at least make it around the corner, over his hotness, but let the boy be able to walk down the street.

  15. Rob, u need to stop being so nice. SMACK THOSE BITCHEZ!

    clearly, you fail as security when you can’t protect a being from tweeny little fan-girls…

  16. LMFAOOO at all the comments.
    Sigh, i deadass cant believe this shit!
    Im in shock and refuse to admit these bitches are from NY come on lets have a little self control and respect ladies! Dont get your panties in a bunch!

  17. Yeah I went there today around 4ish. He was already inside when I got there 😦 . There were a lot of girls, some looked yound some looked 20 & up. Everyone was waiting hoping to see him leave. I was waitin for like 2hrs?!lol. Met some nice girls who showed me great pics of him! So jealous lol. Buuuuuut really because of those dumb girls I didn’t get to see him leave the building. He left the place apparently on another exit. Ugh they probably traumatized him 😦 . & yeah some of those girls were tourists or whatever. Met (wo of em who were. Sucks they messed it up for the more civilized fans….

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