where’s ROB? oh, there he is!

i couldn’t have said it better than lainey – puwahahahhaa!

The photo captions from the agency say he’s shooting Remember Me – first day on set – in New York. Doesn’t look like the wardrobe department had to stretch. Is he wearing his own clothes?

Anyway, Twi-hards were jonesing all weekend because he hadn’t been seen. Withdrawal symptoms eased by group therapy sessions in chat rooms and message board.

An early Monday morning gift then. And he’s playing someone other than Edward Cullen too. Good. Anyone is an improvement.

via laineygossip

anyway, just read parts of the remember me script – supposedly he’s going to be tatted up all over.. HMMMMMMM……. does that mean topless shots? HEHEHEHEE. i wonder what kinds of tattoos…. oh! and the script also mentioned shoot locations muwahahahhahahahahaha!

pattinson nyc 15jun09  04

pattinson nyc 15jun09  07

pucker up bad boy

pucker up bad boy

pattinson nyc 15jun09  14

more photos via lainey


4 responses to “where’s ROB? oh, there he is!

  1. He can’t look bad. Only better & better…OMG what fantasy’s I conjure! All having to do with him being a vampire, his tongue is ice cold. Me warm, him cold………steam is bound to happen.

  2. I really dont think I would even be able to contain myself if he was covered in tattoos. real talk.

  3. Tatts – eugh. Hope that’s just a rumour. Maybe they’ll tatoo a nice Joan Jett cuff on him…..

  4. I just need to let you guys know that I was there all morning and the man is a millions times better looking in person!!!!!! I almost lost it when i saw him. He is ultra sweet and I got close enough to walk next to him (they thought i was an extra) and ask for a pic he said yes but when he was about to do it film works told him no.

    They place got crazy with fans as the morning went on and you could tell he was getting anxious with all the people that started to show up.

    I’m going back tomorrow to get more shoots and try to get a pic with him.

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