KStew’s T-Shirt Knot

So for the last few weeks, I’ve started to notice a little something about Kristen’s outfits….it seems as though she’s bringing back the T-Shirt knot. Some of you may remember this look from the 90s which also included that little clip that you could slide the shirt through…..anyone? Now I’m all for the 90’s fashion reincarnation, but I’m not sure about this style. I know Kristen does her own thang when it comes to fashion, and usually I dig it…but this look….ehhhh.



What do you guys think about the knot?


17 responses to “KStew’s T-Shirt Knot

  1. Ehhh its kinda shaky i agree but hey! Thats her style and quiet frankly it goes with her in a weird way -_- lol
    But i seriously hope she gets her hair back to
    “normal” cuz UGH i hate itttt

  2. PERSONALLY, i think she does it to show her bod. DAMN HER – i wish i had a flat belly so i can tie like 4 knots all around: front back and side side!

  3. I THINK she look so hot and every shirt I wear all summer will be knotted. Knotted Shirts 4 Lyfe…or until she does something else….

  4. LMAOOOO o man I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! .. but yeah damn her and her flat belly!

  5. betsey are u gonna impeach my ass from wtforks if i say i have a knot in my shirt as i type? lol. lawn, make a 4-way knotted shirt for jess hahaha.

  6. Only one thing needs to be said, Crackhead

  7. I’m really not a fan. It does rock me back to the days of jelly shoes and hypercolor tees though.

  8. LipsLikeSugar

    I think it looks cute. She pulls it off well.

  9. ag she needs to die already :-p

    i lurk you girls all the time thought i would finally comment something
    love you girls ❤

  10. CTiffanyBella

    she could wear a brown paper bag and you’d see girls walking down the street with it this summer. she’s awesome, so is the knot :]

  11. We only care what she’s doing because she is one-set. (off-set), making out with R. Patt…otherwise who gives two poo’s about this chick?

  12. I like it. I think it’s hotttt.

  13. I started tshirt tying out of necessity. Some a-hole ripped my shirt in the pit. Tied a knot with the ends to cover my goods. I give t-shirt tying 2 thumbs up. Open your mind, think outside the box. She’s pullin it off…it does look hotttt.

  14. I’m a fan of wearing my dad’s/boyfriend’s bigger t-shirts, so I do it often. Nice to know people are going to think I’m copying Kristen Stewart now. xD

    I guess ordinary people can’t be trendsetters… not that I wouldn’t love to look like her! I hate/love how she pulls of skinny jeans. She looks absolutely fabulous, so it’s not really a hate. More of a jealousy.

  15. I think it adds a couple pounds to her, and its a bit sloppy but I totally respect her individuality. She seems like a rocker type chick that does her own thing not caring what other people think. Not everyone can do this.

  16. i love the knots!! don’t like twilight movies much though… =]

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