Another day at work

thanks to one of our “insiders” we were given a look at all the frenzy during rob’s shoot for remember me. this was taken just a few minutes ago.

our insider said, “He does a real weird carpeltunnel thing when he runs his fingers through his hair…Yeah… What a big noggin that guy has…”


sorry its not so clear…

PS. i just got a phone call from one of my other friends “OMG, WHERE ARE YOU??? i just saw your lover! i bumped into —— and she’s an extra too!”


7 responses to “Another day at work

  1. misslawncullen

    FML… That’s all I have to say!

  2. misslawncullen

    Oh and… I totally notice the wierd carpeltunnel hand in twilight. The scene when he’s pulling bella in the meadow… Check out his right hand, lol

  3. i`m on my way !!!!wish me luck lmao

  4. I snuck out of work and went down to the set! All I got was two crappy pictures but it was worth it!!

    Good luck Kay! Post pics if you can!

    • hahahhaha – where do you work? i’m waiting til shit calms down a bit… =)

      • I work by Union Square. There really weren’t a lot of people there when I went and everyone was pretty nice about not using flash and being quiet. I’m going to try to go tomorrow around the same time. And with a real camera because my pictures SUCKED. But I am officially no longer a stalker virgin!! LOL!

  5. SO JEALOUS. My girl works right by the set & she called me.. squealing.. which made me squeal in jealousy & excitement.

    RPatz, come to the bay 😦

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