my homegirl bbm’d me this image this morning:

and this is what OK! mag had to say online…

Were all those feverish pheromones for real, or were the onscreen lovers merely doing their best to create a romantic Hollywood illusion? Rumors have been rampant that the introverted, guitar-playing Rob, a 23-year-old Brit who is arguably filmdom’s foremost fantasy, has been nursing an unrequited passion for his leading lady, who has been dating actor Michael Angarano, 21, for five years.

“Robert and Kristen spent a lot of time alone together when they filmed the first Twilight movie — they’d stay up most of the night talking, laughing, playing music,” a friend of Stewart tells OK!. “Although [Robert] knew Kristen had a boyfriend, he made no secret of the fact that he was crazy about her.”

so…. what do YOU guys think??? (in my opinion, i still think it might be a publicity stunt, but i’m SURE they’ve cozied up with one another more than once – i mean COME ON! two fkn hot people working side by side 24/7 – good gawd! plus… oh nevermind, i shouldn’t talk about anyone’s business anyway – let’s just say some people we’ve met and know have shared their encounters with us lol)



12 responses to “YES THEY’RE IN LOVE!

  1. With so many bogus reports running amok – untill they actually release the words from their own mouths that they’re dating…I’ll have to take them on their word that they aren’t. An opinion, rumor, speculation, a secret source in an magazine article, a friend of a friend and so forth…that say they are or not together is not truth.

    IMO: It’s just a way to hype sales and keep ppl interested in the franchise between flicks. They so played it up for the audience on MVT because they know that’s what ppl want.

  2. But I want him to be in love with meeeeee!!

  3. this is soo not true that was at the mtv movie awards and they didnt even kiss

    • People drove crazy in MTV Movie Awards but just a few understood they were just playing a game with the crowd! The fans are so blind about this Robsten stuff that they didn’t see the obvious… that they were playing with the best kiss story, as many other actors already played with the awards they won. In fact I thought it was very funny though because they wanted it to be amusing.

      And yes, it’s all a piece of **** ;P

  4. idk if you guys have seen that, but to me, it really seems like they have hooked up. i mean why hide behind a door or stay at a fancy romantic hotel together? esp. since she lives in LA? hmm. kinda fishy. esp. since she had to get her mama to come get her. hmm, they def. are hooking up in my opinion.

  5. Just wanna tell you i am a huge fan of your site and i have linked you to my blog i check in here every day

  6. LMAO as much as i ALWAYS want it to be true, i love how these magazines twist everything around from Robsten, to Rob not showering, etc.
    I went to CVS the other night and saw that Rob moves to New York because Kristen can’t choose between him and Michael Oregano (how ever you spell his name)

    If only rob would REALLY move to new york =]

  7. Ohmy I’m so tired of this junk that I promise that’s the last time I comment this subject.

    It’s all about speculation. Press WANTS them to be in love and fans WANT them to be in love. As long as they didn’t assume it, I won’t search what is not there to be found.

    I mean… how many hot couples came off from sets? How many LOVED couples came off from the filmings? We love when these couples happen, so there is no reason at all for they hidding it. Kristen has a boyfriend? So break up what’s the deal?

    I think that if they didn’t say anything about it – and you can notice they stopped arguing about it as it’s too ridiculous to say the same crap all the time – I won’t assume they’re dating, or in love, or whatever.

    They hid behind a car door? They’re hidding from the cameras? They want privacy as they’re normal people!! Most of these times the paparazzi catch them they’re not alone, but together with the cast or other friends. They’re not hanging out alone or holding hands or whatever. Why did the paps never catch anything suspicions enough?

    There is more to NOT believing than to believing. These magazines are all a bunch of crap and they only especulate over other people’s life, what is sad and sick.

    IF, and WHEN Rob and Kristen assume their relationship, I am up to discuss it. But for now, they’re just friends as that’s what they want us to think they are =)

  8. I don’t care if they are hooking up or not but C’mon – she’s been dating Oregano since she was TWELVE (or 13…)!! Can anyone imagine being with the same person at 18 that they were with at 12 or 13?! They’ll break up soon or later and the press will go bat-shit crazy covering it… (poor Oregano.)

  9. hey ladies, and anyone from sydney, australia that regularly hits up this blog. just wanted to let u know rachelle lefevre is going to be at this expo in sydney. there will also be a q&a about twilight stuff too. who’s going? i know i am….

  10. hey, so you know a few months back you were wondering what shade of lipstick that Edward was wearing in the new moon poster, so today I run into this video

    toward the very end, she said it’s the Benefit silky – finish lipstick in Ms. Behavin’ (also in the sidebar), but of course this is for the twilight movie, i’m not sure what they are using in the new moon. hope it helps, and i will definitely go get that lipstick,like right NOW! LOL

  11. I just don’t buy the dating rumor yet. Maybe it’s because I am a jealous fan-girl (um, older woman), or maybe it’s because I want to believe that someone did overhear him in New York saying that he’s needs to stay away from girls born after 1988 (that totally puts me in the running!). I will believe it when they come out and say it, until then, I will keep my hopes of a single Rob alive!

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